Management Structure

FLAGSHIP Project applies a coherent and well-defined methodology structured around 11 interrelated work packages (WP), leading to achieve the initiative’s specific and main goals.

1.- Floating platform & mooring

Led by Olav Olsen, the WP1 includes all the design of the Floating Platform and Mooring System. It will be driven to develop an innovative, robust and cost-effective floater design that is scalable for large WTGs, harsh environments, suited for mass production and which can be produced locally in most parts of the world. This WP will also deliver required design input to the procurement, fabrication, installation and operation activities (including O&M requirements).

2.- Wind Turbine generator & control design

Led by CENER, the aim of WP2 is to ensure the supply of the turbine under the conditions agreed and revise supplier’s documentation needed for the project; to provide a reliable parametric description of the wind turbine to feed numerical models and project tasks; to give a detailed structural engineering of the tower; to design the control strategy of the floating wind turbine; to verify the prototype’s turbine site-specific dynamics and calculate loads, power production, motions, etc.; and to define the operation and maintenance requirements for the wind turbine.

3.- Cabling & grid connection

With UNITECH Offshore as leader of the WP3, the main objective of this work package is to design and deliver the layout, technology and procedures for implementing the offshore to onshore grid connection. The definition of the grid connection architecture and the design, analysis and verification of cable, cable accessories and termination are among the tasks of this work package.

6.- Offshore operations

The third WP led by Aker Solutions is WP6, that will be focused on the development, assessment and detailing of all phases of the offshore installation of the floating platform, as well as the decommissioning process after end of design life.

4.- Industrialisation

Coordinated by Aker Solutions, WP4 will be focused on developing a complete and feasible methodology for mass fabrication for a full‐sized commercial wind farm in order to show that the floater can be fabricated in a cost‐effective way on sites and areas with a large range of initial conditions, demonstrating that the floater technology can be utilized in all global markets.

7.- Demonstration, monitoring & testing

UNITECH Offshore coordinates this work package, which aims to organize and support facilities for safe operation of the Floating Wind Turbine; to implement the Monitoring System for Operation, Demonstration, Testing and results; and to design the architecture for security and data user interface, access and storage.

5.- Onshore/Inshore operations

Aker Solutions also leads this WP to develop, assess, detail and perform all phases of the onshore fabrication and logistics of the demo floating platform. This work package will be driven to develop, assess and perform assembly and pre-commissioning of the turbine and an innovative and cost-optimised method for load-out if the structure of the floating position as well.

8.- Replicability in offshore use cases

Led by DTU, this WP will be focused on the replicability of the demonstration floating wind turbine to a wind farm scenario with a capacity of 500 MW.

9.- Impact assessment

IBERDROLA is the coordinator of the WP9 and its main aim is to evaluate impact framework of future commercial FOW farms within a combination of business, sustainability, interaction of relevant stakeholders across value chain and project implementation to be performed within WP1 to WP8.

10.- Stakeholder engagement, dissemination & communication

ZABALA will be the leader of the WP10, which aims to design and implement a comprehensive strategy for the stakeholders’ full engagement; and implement dissemination and communication strategies integrated within the engagement of the stakeholders and participatory citizenship.

11.- Project management

Coordinated by IBERDROLA, the last of the work packages of FLAGSHIP has the aim to adequately coordinate and organize the project at strategic level, guide the financial and administrative management, and perform and effective risk management of the initiative.